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36C is the name of our server rack project. Why 36C? Because it's a nice rack, of course!

This project is designed to house the switches required for the wired network in the space in the windowed portion and in the base portion will house the storage array for the space.

Hardware components will include:

24 port Cisco 2900 XL

it will have room to house approx 7 more 1U switches

The base will house Dodrill, the ESX Server and storage array for the space.

The hardware expectations should be 4 Quadcore or better processors, Greater than 96 GB of RAM, and a RAID 5 Array bigger than 10TB.

This server will host the environment for Unallocated space.

If you have information to help with any of this project please see hexjunkie.

The 36C updates:

Saturday December 11, 2010

- The 36 C received a full sized rear window to allow access to the bottom of the switch rack. This section will be used to house the motherboard and hard drives of the Dodrill ESX/Media server. A second coat of primer was added, it dried. A Primary coat of gloss black paint was added and dried. The front and rear window Plexiglas was added and bolted in place. The top price sign was re-added with new hardware. The top bracket was re-mounted with new hardware.

- objectives for next week: Add a platform for motherboard mounting, grind off the rails to accommodate switches easier, Mount power strip for switch power, pre-drill and mount screws that will hold the switches in place, stack up switches to go inside the rack.