COVID-19 Reopening Plan

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Covid-19 Reopening Plan

This plan is our effort to partially reopen Unalloated Space in a way that permits the greatest use of our facility, and strives to keep everyone safe, within the confines of the orders and directives issued by local and state government authorities.

What the Space is doing:

We are following the guidance and orders of all local and state officials. Accordingly, Unallocated Space will reopen subject to the social distancing directives issued by local and state government authorities.

1. We believe, in good faith, based on the most recent pronouncement from state and local government authorities that we are able to be open, as long as we limit the number of persons in the Space, maintain appropriate social distancing and implement appropriate safety/sanitation measures.

2. Currently we allow up to ten (10) people indoors and twenty-five (25) people outdoors. (Per Anne Arundel County Government Directive effective on November 13, 2020 at 5:00 PM)

3. Under the guidance referenced above, we believe it would be appropriate to open Unallocated to our community in this limited capacity.

4. Following the described restrictions, regularly occurring in person events and social gatherings can be resumed immediately.

5. We have created a process to enable anyone to remotely stream an event by contacting or Jelly in Slack. Our regular events that can be run remotely can continue as instructors are available.

6. We will be requiring everyone who comes to the Space to sign in, measure their temperature, and sign out so we can monitor the number of people using the facility at any given time.

7. We will be requiring everyone who comes into the Space to sign a document acknowledging that there is a risk of being exposed to COVID-19 by coming to the Space and acknowledging we are doing everything we can to open the Space while keeping everyone safe.

8. We have cleaning supplies generously donated by our community members for use in the Space. We do not have a supply of masks but some form of mask/face covering is required (covering the nose and mouth fully with no holes) while inside our facility at all times.

9. If you have questions we have not answered, ask us by emailing or tagging @board in Slack.

Health and Safety Guidelines:

1. Do not come to the Space if you show symptoms of COVID-19. Follow all WHO/CDC guidance.

2. Do not come to the Space if you or anyone in your household is considered to be at high risk of contracting COVID-19 or has an impaired immune system.

3. No eating or food preparation is allowed at the Space at this time. Eating in your car is permissible. Drinking fluids is permissible but please do so in a way that does not unnecessarily endanger others at the Space.

New procedures for use of the Space:

1. The Space can be opened by any Keyholder.

2. Mark the space as open/closed using the tablet in the front of the space.

3. Call ahead to see if someone is in the Space, and if so, how many people are in the Space. Our landline is (410) 921-9410.

4. We have a maximum allowable occupancy of 15 people indoors and 50 people outdoors at the Space to maintain recommended safe physical distancing (six feet apart). If the Space is at capacity, someone who has already made use of the Space should volunteer to leave to free up the Space for others using a round-robin approach.

5. Everyone must practice safe social distancing by wearing a mask and remaining 6 feet apart. The CDC has excellent guidance here and here.

6. Sanitize/clean your tools and work area.

7. A Keyholder should sanitize all door handles/light switches as part of the open/close procedure and note the date this was done so it can be easily seen by the next Keyholder that opens and closes the Space.

Need help?

We will reevaluate the efficacy of this plan from time to time and update the measures we are taking as developments warrant. If you have any questions we have not answered, ask us by emailing or tagging @board in Slack.