DIY Lightsaber

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A workshop on how to build a light saber from parts found on the internet or at your local hardware store. Class is held over 3 nights with bringing in your parts during project nights to finish.


The first day

We will cover web links to the resources we will use. Figuring out what type of saber you want to build and matching it to your skill level. A little history on light saber prop making and ordering parts for the build.

The second day

Build day. If parts for your individual Saber have arrived you could finish it that night. If Murphy has anything too do with the build we will also start trouble shooting. Depending on the choice made in the design of the saber some light soldering might require.

The third day

Generally two weeks out from the order date all parts should be in and building will continue. Your average build will take 1 to 3 hours depending on complexity.

Skills required

These skills may or may not be needed depending on choices make during the design phase.

  • Soldering
  • Wire management
  • Drilling and taping a hole.
  • Painting


$60 to $350 average being $130