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HTC Vive at Unallocated Space

With the HTC Vive users can access many of the steam applications we have installed at the space to do things such as play games, create art, and export 3D files created to Fusion 360 (for slicing and 3D printing).

How to Use

1.)Ensure that your immediate area is clear of objects that may cause injury when you move into or hit them.
2.)Make sure there are no other applications running as they can cause a performance issue (which may lead to less frames per second and therefore VR sickness)
3.)Start or open up Steam, and then SteamVR (available on the top-right)
4.)Make sure that the SteamVR application shows a green icon for the headset and both controllers (controllers will need to be turned on - power button is below the touchpad)
5.)Launch the application you wish to use.
6.)Place the controllers in a location where you are able to reach them while blind
7.)Don the mask by first loosening the back knob, turning it counter-clockwise, then place the mask against your face and pull the hard strap over and behind your head.
8.)Tighten the knob on the back by turning it clockwise.
9.)Grab the controllers (controllers should be visible in the headset when on and have line of sight to lighthouses)

HTV Vive inventory

2 Headsets
2 Lighthouses
2 Controllers


While using the HTC Vive you will be blind to the real world and may move into and strike objects and furniture in the world around you.

Unallocated Space highly recommends exercising caution while wearing the headset, we will not be liable for any injury from using the HTC Vive.