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Welcome to the Unallocated Space Wiki!

All participants at Unallocated Space are welcome to edit and create documentation on the wiki. Please request an account to help us keep this current.

About UAS

Active Classes

Name Owner Status
Arduino Night Clegg Under Construction
Ham Radio Night Corey / Usako Active (Needs Updating)
3D Printing Night phr0ze Active
TOOOL / Lockpicking Flay Active
InfoSec Night Wasabi / Understudy Active

Active Projects

Name Owner Status Last Updated
Core Services (Board) Active
Project Backlog Flay / Everyone Active 3/4/2017
VMLab Flay Active 8/5/2016
Gaming Computer Geez Active
HTC Vive Geez Deprecated
Git Flay / Board / Dev group Active
Library Hyper Ongoing
Traffic Light Flay Ongoing 6/18/2016
3D Printing Bowie / Phr0ze Active
Ham Radio Equipment Corey / Usako Active
CTF Wiki Forgotten Active
Minecraft Buddy Active
Network Corey Ongoing (Needs Updating)
Member Check-In System Buddy On-Going
The Wall anyone Active
Hardware Hacking Needs New Maintainer On-Going
Fire Tornado Rig (Keyholders) On-Going
LAN Party Usako / Nonie / Wrecker On-Going
Twitter Monitor Forgotten On-Going 01/22/2014

Past Projects

Name Owner Status
Silent Switch Textile Completed
36C N/A Inactive
M.A.M.E. Cabinet Crypt0s Inactive
UnalloApp - Android App Crypt0s Inactive
Ms. Pac-Man Restoration N/A Deprecated
Woodworking Projects N/A Inactive
Gaming Computer N/A Deprecated
Electronics Workbench N/A Deprecated
NERF N/A Deprecated
LED Plasma Wall A-KO Inactive
Rubens Tube N/A Deprecated
Magnetic Field Viewer N/A Deprecated
Robots AJ Reference
Factory Rover AJ on Hold 02/17/2014
BYOD AJ Reference
Document Management AJ Reference
Gray Cat Frank Deprecated 1/18/2014
Asterisk anyone Inactive 8/5/2013
IPv6 Hunterkll Inactive 8/17/2013
ChaosVPN anyone Inactive 1/13/2014
IRC Bot Hunterkll Deprecated 8/18/2013
EMail Lab AJ Inactive 01/18/2014
UASDrupal Website Project r00ster Deprecated 03/23/2014
Occupancy Sensor (Board) Deprecated
SMS and Email Responder Hunterkll Deprecated
LED Sign anyone Deprecated