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Congratulations and welcome. If you're a keyholder, you've probably been coming around for a while. We appreciate you. This guide exists to show expectations and offer inspiration on how you can bring your unique skills to help the space.

Things to do

  • Get sweet Wifi [1]
  • Read the Bylaws [2] (Link only accessible to keys, available upon request)
  • Read the Shutdown Procedure
  • Improve the wiki

Event Descriptions / Intro Script

Quick Blurbs to describe our events if you're ever giving a tour. Not as complete as calendar descriptions. Hopefully developed into more complete 'script'.

  • UAS is a 501(c)3 non-for profit
  • Everything you see has been donated by our members, community, and sponsors
  • All of our events are free. If you see something that interests you on our Calendar or Wiki, feel free to come out! We are only closed for board/keyholders meeting, our calendar states this.
  • When we are open (Calendar, Twitter, Slack, etc.) we are open to the public.
  • It costs $100 per day to keep the space open
  • Our common/recurring events should have descriptions/slides on wiki home page
  • We are always looking for more people to help contribute by participating in our events, sharing experiences, financially, and donations (not junk).
  • Be safe. If you don't know how to use something, but interested, ask us, we are happy to provide training on how to use specialized equipment.
  • Talk to us on Slack, Twitter, email, etc.

Event Descriptions

See wiki home page or GCal

Important Documents

  • I don't know if any of our documents are publicly available

Volunteer Policy

Please note that Unallocated Space operates exclusively on volunteer service. That means that everyone that helps to keep Unallocated running, from Board Members, to Keyholders, to Members, Event Hosts, Instructors and Presenters are all volunteers. In fact, paragraph 9 of the Unallocated Bylaws, explicitly prohibits Unallocated Space from employing "any person in any regular capacity."

And now, the legal stuff:

  • Nothing contained in this Wiki shall give rise to an employment relationship between Unallocated Space and any Board Member, Keyholder, Member, Event Host, Instructor, Presenter or other Volunteer that chooses to become involved with Unallocated.
  • Unallocated does not pay wages, compensation or benefits to Volunteers for work performed or services rendered for the benefit of Unallocated.
  • Any benefits to Keyholders or Members are not derived from work performed or services rendered. These benefits are incentives provided to Keyholders and Members as a token of appreciation for their commitment to financially support Unallocated on a monthly basis.

Your Role as a Member

Engage with other people in the space. Show interest. This is our space, so if you see something that needs to be done, do it. If you're not sure, ask. If they're not sure, ask who knows. It takes persistence and dedication to build what we have, and not every hand has touched every part of the space.

Your Role as a Keyholder

As a keyholder, you're allowed to use the space at any time. You're encouraged to! Just try to keep up and make the space better than when you came in You're also encouraged to engage the new members. If you're not sure if someone is new, talk to them and see what they're looking to get out of the space. The space would not exist without its members, and the difference between a lifetime member and a one time drop-in is the experience that they have. Try to make it a good one.

Teach a thing / Run an event

If you're leaving the space. Shutdown Procedure

Hosting an Event

We have an [Events Page] just for this

Resources Available to you

  • Laser Cutter
  • BladeRF - Ask a Key for access
  • Proxmark V3 - Ask a Key for access
  • Printer / Scanner
  • VMLab - Flay will create virtual machines for you, for any reason.
  • 3D printers
  • Gaming / CAD computer
  • HTC Vive (Geeze)
  • Power Tools (anybody)
  • Github developers group (Flay / Usako)
  • DJ Booth
  • Forge (Buddy)
  • Cisco Lab (Corey)
  • Amateur Radio Club & Equipment (Corey / Usako)
  • Steamcache Gaming Server (Hyper)
  • Fileserver (Buddy)
  • Sewing / Crafts (Whitney)
  • UAS Members Network (Corey)
  • Printer
  • Electronics Bench (Bowie)
  • Data Forensics Kit (?)
  • The library (Hyper, explain book checkout system)

The Loft

  • Plex (Understudy / Hyper)
  • Steamlink (Flay)
  • Gaming machine

Project Workflow

Jump on Trello and check the Project Backlog. Anyone is welcome to join, check our homepage or here[3]

Posting of events can be done by submitting an event request on our website. For blogs, ask us for access!

Projects: [4] Action Items: [5]

Keyholder Benefits

  • Get a key
  • Google Drive (Assets for keys)
  • Loft storage area

This is a list of things that you should have done or should have been done for you. If you aren't sure that you have any of these things please:

Ask in Keyholders channel on slack, Mailing list, or ask flay

  • You should've been asked if you want one.

Onboarding New Members

Onboarding New Members