Onboarding New Members

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Onboarding Guide

  • Thank them for being part of our group!
  • Create LDAP / Wifi account
  • Email the new form to capture LDAP username
  • Set them up with a locker / shelf space as applicable
  • Add to special slack channels
  • Add to keys mailing list
  • Add to keyholder drive
  • Update keyholder list on wiki
  • Give orientation and go over opening / closing procedures
  • Give Key

Offboarding Guide

  • Verify that member is relinquishing status
  • Remove / Disable LDAP
  • Remove from privileged slack channels
  • Remove rackspace if they're using it
  • Remove from keyholder mailing list
  • Keyholder Drive
  • Update on keyholder list
  • Receive key