Rubens Tube

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Unallocated Ruben’s Tube

A few folks decided we wanted to build a Ruben’s Tube tonight. After destroying a drillbit or two, we have a Ruben’s Tube for the space. The broken flamethrower was cannibalized, but it looks awesome.

Version 1 34in. pipe, Duck Tape, Computer speaker and the standard regulator 1in between holes roughly 5/32” big, 1/2in was too small. 1 in. between holes takes a long time to light, 1/2 in. between holes makes the flames join.

Notes for Phase 2: Need bigger pipe ... probably 5 feet 3/4in might work, need to test, need better drill bit to test. Two Drills bits later... we have determined once the pipe is heated, it is significantly harder to cut through The tone generator is very nice for testing. We need to be find a way to seal the tube but have a release since the tube holds way too much propane after the tank is off.