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Trello is how we track TODO items in the space. This page exists to give some usage guidelines.

What is it

Trello is a kanban-card style tool consisting of columns filled with cards. Each card is a task. Cards contain discussion and updates about the task. If you click on a card, it will open revealing its contents.

Here's an example of a public board, containing a very few items: Basic Board

How do I contribute?

All keyholder's should be on the board already, but anyone who wants access will get it. Just ask.

Here's the link: Primary Board


On our primary board there are 5 columns:

High Priority: This contains the things which must be done quickly

Backlog: This contains all of the projects or tasks to be started

In progress: This contains all of the things which have been started

Completed: Things that are fully finished

Blocked: Things which require external help in order to be completed. This is where you should move tickets that you want to draw attention to.

If a board becomes too busy, we may create another board for tasks of that type. Currently the only other boards of note are: "Website" regarding all updates to the website, and "Events" regarding all of our event related setup.

New Cards / Tasks Guidelines


  1. All cards should have a brief title.
  2. All cards should have a good description (Available when you open the card).
  3. Cards containing many components should contain a checklist, which will be checked off as we work on it.
  4. Cards should contain all of the important discussion regarding that project/task. The goal is to have a central place where someone can immediately be 90% up to date with the status of that project/task, just by looking at the Trello card.

When creating a card, try to make the title as succinct as possible. "Intern Program" is a good title, whereas "We want to create an internship program whereby we communicate to students/young adults that we're looking for interns" is too verbose.

Best practice:

  1. Cards should have a due date, even if you set it for yourself.
  2. Cards should have an assignee, so people know what is happening.
  3. If you ask a question, you should use a flag like @flay or @here in order to get attention to it. People do not, by default, receive all updates. If you don't flag, people likely will not see your question until much later.

Do Not

  • Create new columns on your own.
  • Make a ton of different boards.

It's easier to find things if they're mostly in one place. If a project is very large and merits it's own board, bring it up. The website is a good example of that.