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Unallocated Space needs you!

During our operation we need things from time to time. Sometimes we wish upon a star and it comes true (mostly because we see a lot of air planes and pretend they are shooting stars)

If you have something listed below that you don't use, please donate it to the space. I promise it has found a good home.


These are the things we always need more of.

  • Fly Trap
  • Fly Trap
  • Fly Trap
  • Fly Trap
  • Fly Trap
  • Fly Trap
  • Fly Trap
  • Bee Trap
  • Toilet Paper / Paper Towels
  • Soda / Beer


These are the things we would like to see here at Unallocated Space:

  • CNC Machine
  • Card Catalog (for small parts storage)
  • Locking Cubbies
  • Band Saw
  • Table Saw
  • Belt Sander ( or other electronic sander)
  • Grinding Wheel
  • Other Machine Shop Equipment
  • Rapid Prototyper
  • Laser Engraver
  • Projectors
  • Ice Machine (we don't ask where it came from :-P )
  • Minifridge (for beer cooling)