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Unallocated Space is an open environment for anyone to come and "Teach, Learn, Build"

This space is provided by generous donations from you, the membership.

This page is dedicated to help explain the Tiers of membership and the general understanding as to why certain members are who they are.


This hackerspace is open to the general public, this means that anyone can walk through our doors while the space is "open". We pride ourselves on being able to provide general knowledge to the public at large. If someone comes in here and asks how something works a member will most likely help them. I say most likely because everything here is fueled by individual volunteers working collectively.

Active Participants

Active participants are people who have taken an active interest in the space, and pay dues in some sort. Unallocated Space in general has a recommended dues of $100 per month, but only asks that you give what you can. More information can be found on our Dues page.


Keyholders are Active Participants with a significant investment both financially and physically into Unallocated Space succeeding. They dedicate a significant amount of time to keeping the space running and are generally the first and last person to speak to about any major event within the space. If there are any questions about this Tier of membership please speak to a current keyholder.

Keyholder List (6/22/2017):

  1. Aven
  2. Bowie
  3. Buddy
  4. Corey
  5. Flay
  6. Forgotten
  7. Geez
  8. Hyper
  9. Kevin
  10. Matthew
  11. Max
  12. Nick Farr
  13. Nonie
  14. Pronto
  15. Proto
  16. R00ster
  17. s00ner
  18. Understudy
  19. Usako
  20. Wasabi
  21. Whitney
  22. Wrecker

Board of Directors

Reachable by emailing board {at} unallocatedspace {dot} org

  • President - Forgotten
  • Vice President - Usako
  • Treasurer - s00ner
  • Secretary - Corey
  • At-Large - Buddy
  • At-Large - Surefire
  • Emeritus - Crypt0s
  • Emeritus - Nick Farr
  • Emeritus - Proto
  • Emeritus - R00ster

Founding Members

This are the original 8 people who founded Unallocated Space. These people got together, invested a lot of time, effort, and money in seeing the space thrive to what it is today. This Tier is honorary, and is bestowed upon the Founding 8 who founded the space.

The Founding 8 are:

  • C-P
  • S00ner
  • Nick Farr
  • Arthur "Cuddles" Howell (Hexjunkie)
  • Dave "Intel" Marcus
  • The Prez98
  • Kevin "Kevin" Figueroa
  • Marco "Marco" Figueroa