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Welcome to the Unallocated Space Wiki!

About UAS

Active Projects (There's a Trello Board Now)

Name Owner Status Last Updated
Core Services (Board) Active
Project Backlog Flay / Everyone Active 3/4/2017
VMLab Flay Active 8/5/2016
Rancher / Docker Usako / Jelly Active
Gaming Computer Geez Active
HTC Vive Geez Active
Steam Cache Jelly Active
Git Flay / Usako Active
Library anyone Ongoing
Traffic Light Flay Ongoing 6/18/2016
3D Printing Bowie / Phr0ze Active
Ham Radio Equipment Corey / Usako Active
CTF Wiki Forgotten Active
Minecraft Buddy Active
Occupancy (New) Usako Active
Network Corey Ongoing (Needs Updating)
The Wall anyone Active
Fire Tornado Rig (Keyholders) On-Going
LAN Party Usako / Nonie / Wrecker On-Going
Plex Corey / Understudy Active
Sound System (Instructor Workstation) Board Active
Laser Cutter honey_badger / Corey Active
Printer anyone Active

Stations (Resources) Available

Name PoC(s) Description / Link
3D Printing Station Bowie / Max / Phr0ze 3D Printing (Needs Update)
Electronics Bench Bowie / Corey Electronics Bench (Page Needed)
Amateur Radio Station Corey / Usako Ham Shack (Needs Update)
Laser Cutting Station Jelly / Honeybadger Laser Cutter
Library Any Keyholder We have a large collection of books.
Media Center / Lounge Any Keyholder Plex
VR/Gaming Station Geez HTC Vive
Workshop / Toolbench Bowie / Max Workshop (Page Needed)

Recurring Events

Name Owner Status
Project Night Bowie Active
Ham Radio Night Corey / Usako Active (Needs Updating)
MACRO Jasen/Ty/Jeff Active
3D Printing Night phr0ze Active
TOOOL / Lockpicking Flay Active
InfoSec Night Buddy Active
DC443 Hacker Hangout Flay Active
LAN Party Usako / Nonie / Wrecker Active (Needs Updating)
Crafternoon Usako / Whitney Active
Microcontroller Night Needs Instructor Under Construction

Past Project

See the Past Projects page