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This page exists to give users a brief explanation of events at UAS. For a complete description, check the calendar, which has the most up-to-date

  • 3D printing - Where people learn about new developments in 3D printing, share prints, and specific design techniques.

POC - Phroze (http://greybeard3d.com/)

  • Project Night - An open ended night to work on personal and community projects. There is always at least one person available to try and help others with their projects.

POC - Bowie (Great at fabrication, 3D printing, and Electronics)

  • Open house - A night just to learn about the space and ask questions. Totally open-ended

POC - Bowie

  • Lockpicking - 2 events. a 101 to learn about the basics, and a 102 to learn about different topics.

POC - Flay(flay.io / Toool Lead MD)

  • Infosec Night - A night to learn about specific topics in information security. Usually a conventional classroom / workshop style event taught at varying skill levels.

POC - Geez

  • DC443: Hacker Hangout - A night to hang out and hack. Sometimes short talks or unique projects, but unstructured by design. Usually intermediate - advanced skills, but everyone is welcome.

POC - Flay

  • HAM Radio - Corey / Usako need to update