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Can I visit the space?

Yes! But- you might want make sure to visit when it's open. When it is, you're welcome to walk-in unannounced and with no appointment. If you do, please ask a member for a tour of the space!

Is the space open right now?

To find out in real-time whether the space is open, visit the website homepage and look for the green (open) or red (closed) text at the center of the page.

When can I expect the space to be open?

  • The general rule is that the space is open when keyholders are present. This is frequent but not so predictable.
  • For a predictable open time, come when we're having a scheduled event, even if the particulars of the event are not your interest. There are scheduled events several times per week. All events are free to the public.
  • Finally, you can contact us and ask for example how long the keyholders intend to remain at the space, keeping it open.

How do I donate?

Give a one-time donation via Paypal See the Membership page of the website regarding recurring donations and membership levels.

We take equipment, but not old televisions. We accept books, but if they are technology related, try to make sure they are less than a decade old unless they are seminal works like K&R C, The Structure and Interpretation of Computer Programs, and the like.