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Lockpicking 101

This is an introductory lockpicking class that runs once a month.

It uses a custom slide deck and the class format favors hands-on practice to theory

Lockpicking 102

During 102 we cover advanced topics and practice high security lockpicking. These are a lot more fluid and you can expect new content from all of these.

Advanced topics include:

  1. Disc Detainer Locks
  2. Dimple Locks
  3. Tubular Cylinder Locks
  4. Lever locks
  5. Sliders / Sidebars
  6. High Security Locks
  7. Group 2 Safe Manipulation
  8. Electronic lock hacking
  9. Impressioning

Earn your belt through our lock library

We've also got several locks correspondent to the reddit lockpicking belt system:

The goal is to get newbie and veteran pickers through the belt ranks and we currently have almost everything you need to get to blue-belt.

Please contribute locks above the white level so we can keep picking!