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Unallocated Space has acquired the parts to start building a 3D printer called a RepRap Prusa Mendel.

This bot will be a valuable addition to the space and can be used as a source of custom one off parts as well as fun odds and ends.

The 3D printing initiative will be headed up by Hexjunkie, please see him if you have any questions.

List of parts to purchase


Purchased Parts with Links

Prusa Mendel Hardware Kit: [1] Prusa Mendel Printed Parts: [2] RAMPS DIY Kit: [3] Heated Print Bed: [4] Plastruder: [5] Hobbled Bolt: [6] NEMA17 Stepper Motors: [7]

Cost of 3DPrinter

  • Printed Parts = $50
  • PRUSA PCB Heated Bed from UltiMachine $55.00 + $8.68 Shipping = Total $63.68
  • Hardware Kit and Stepper Motors from A2APrinter $115.63 + $88.95 + $49.42 Shipping = $253.99
  • RAMPS DIY Kit was purchased by a member of the space, I will update when I have real numbers
  • Prusa Stepper Plastruder from MakerGear $170.00 + $7.48 Shipping = Total $177.48
  • Hobbled Bolt from LulzBot $7.00 + $5.60 Shipping = Total $12.60

Total for all parts including shipping: $557.75 + RAMPS DIY Kit


Why re-invent the wheel, RepRap offers a beautiful instruction page.

Please check [8]for instructions.

Ideas in the works

Ongoing Projects


To date we have had a total of 1 major purchase made to the project: the RAMPS DIY Kit I have created a parts list from McMaster Carr that I am verifying now. I should place the order this month.(January 2012) The project has received a total of $100 in cash donations.

1/19/2012 Total in Donations has gone up by $160 for a total of $260 donated to the project

  • LulzBot Order #000499 - Hobbled Bolt
  • MakerGear Order #5904 - Plastruder
  • A2A Printer Order ID: 71 - Stepper Motors and Hardware kit
  • UltiMachine Order #6446 - Heated Bed