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This page will be used to keep track of space maintenance.

Please update anytime a major maintenance is done, example calling in a plumber, changing out the toilet, electrician, fire extinguisher replacements, etc.

Toilet Replacements

  • Crypt0s 9/4/2011

Air Filter Changes

  • Hex Changed Air Filter 10/29/2011
  • Flay called Vicky on 6/18/2018; she stated that 'constellation energy' changes the filters every 3 months.

Smoke Detectors/Fire Extinguisher

  • Strogonaut bought 3 detectors on 11/11/11
  • Strogonaut bought 2nd ABC Extinguisher on 11/11/11
  • Always check the receipt on the fire extinguisher between the bathrooms to see the most recently purchased one. Flay bought one not long ago.

(Note) Primary extinguisher must be recharged by whomever discharged it.

Garbage Schedule


  • Every Other Tuesday


  • Every Other Thursday

Soap / Cleaning

The soap for our soap dispensers can be bought through uline: U-line S-18231 1 Gallon $19