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Picture of the Ham Radio Equipment Cabinet, located next to the M.A.M.E. Cabinet


Ham Radio, also known as Amateur Radio is an active and evolving activity at Unallocated Space. Recently, various amateur radio equipment has been donated/loaned to Unallocated Space for use by licensed Amateur Radio operators, or members under the supervision of licensed Amateur Radio operator.

For more information on Amateur Radio and what it is used for, visit the About Amateur Radio page on the ARRL website.

Equipment List


  • Drake TR71 - HF Transceiver (S/N 541)
  • Drake RV7 - Remote VFO
  • Drake MS7 - External Speaker
  • Drake PS7 - Power Supply
  • Kenwood TS-440S HF Transceiver
  • Radio Shack 10 Meter Transceiver


  • Outbacker Perth OBI-8 HF Vertical (On loan from User:Oryx)
  • Koval 10 Meter Yagi Antenna
  • Ex-Boat Trailer with 30' Telescoping Tower Mounted on it.


  • 50' of RG-8 coax (PL-259 connectors)
  • UHF Mounting Clamp
  • 20' of Ground braid
  • Transceiver microphones


Before using the ham radio equipment, ensure that all of the conditions below have been met. This is to ensure the safe operation and the proper compliance of Part 97.

  • A licensed control operator is present with a valid Technician license
  • Weather is clear with no lightning present or in the forecast
  • Music is lowered as to not inadvertently transmit music over ham radio
  • Maximum permissive exposure limits are not exceeded (no crowding around the antenna)


  1. Locate the ham radio cabinet and the Outbacker Perth antenna, next to the M.A.M.E. Cabinet
  2. Roll the ham radio cabinet towards the garage door, just past the electronics bench
  3. Remove the microphone, antenna coax, antenna mount clamp, and the ground strap from the cabinet


  1. Unroll the antenna coax starting at the radio base, under the garage door and to the dumpster
  2. Attach the antenna, antenna mount, and coax together
  3. Using the clamp, attach the antenna mount securely to the dumpster, ensuring that the antenna is positioned vertically
  4. Attach the coax into the PL-259 connector on the back of the radio

Ground Strap

WARNING: The ground strap is coated with lead. WASH HANDS IMMEDIATELY AFTER HANDING to avoid contamination!

  1. Carefully unroll the ground strap laying it along the ground, towards the water pipe to the right of the garage door
  2. Wrap the ground strap around the copper pipe and secure using a pipe clamp or vice grips
  3. Using a philips head screwdriver, remove the ground screw located on the back of the radio and secure the ground strap to the radio


  1. Place the microphone on top of the radio cabinet and attach the microphone connector to the mic input on the front of the radio


  1. Plug in the radio to a standard 120V outlet
  2. Radio is powered on using the power knob located on the bottom right side of the front panel


Coming soon!