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The chillout area at the space.


Plex is registered by signing into a shared GMail account the board has access to.

If signed out, ask @board for someone to register the plex again.

If you want to share with us, our username is unallocatedplex.

We <3 Understudy for setting it up!

Client changes

  • Rasplex on Raspberry Pi 3
    • Software stopped receiving updates and no longer could find newly added servers
  • Kodi with Plex add-on using Pi 4
    • Difficult to navigate from startup, didn't support 4k
  • Nvidia Shield 2017


DigitalTinker decided to switch over to Jellyfin due to Plex's increasingly going away from being a private media hosting service and more live streaming and sharing information to friends.

Jellyfin is administered by each server owner and must have each account set up individually on each server.

Contact DigitalTinker if the account loses connection.


Xbox One

Playstation 4

Nintendo Gamecube

Super Nintendo

Nintendo Entertainment System (NES)