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Current Minecraft Servers

DM DigitalTinker with your Minecraft name to be whitelisted.

Vanilla Minecraft

Bedrock Server IP: mc.uas.run (:19132) Java Server IP: mc.uas.run (:25565)

Minecraft Version: 1.19.3

Web Map: https://mc.uas.run

Modded Minecraft

Pack: All The Mods 8

Modded Server IP: atm8.uas.run:25566

Web Map: https://atm8.uas.run

Rules of Engagement:

While PvP is enabled we do leave it only because it can be fun from time to time. We do not encourage attacking other players and if you do so without some form of consent we consider this griefing.

Stuff. What you mine is yours, what you build is yours. If you take someones stuff it's consider griefing. While somethings can be listed as community property it is best to leave it there unless it's something you can use and return in the same condition. Mineral rights are in place also. If you build a home, no one else should be digging under it without approval.

Quarries, Turtles, and mass block movers are allowed with the limit of, 2 per person and they must be in areas that people are not for the most part unless you are also using them to make an area to move into. Please know our server does not have unlimited power and they slow things down.

Currently we are NOT using a whitelist system. But a list of all users who log in is kept, along with times. And unless we are having major issues from unknown persons it will remain an open system.

Off-Limits.... No NUKES! If you are using them to simply clear a large area fine, otherwise please don't. They can be used responsible.

We understand that some players have more time to spend then others. Regardless we ask that you move away from spawn area as soon as you can.

Creative Mode: This may be allowed for very short periods of time and only under supervision. It will be allowed if a project can not be completed any other way only.

Previous Documentation

Minecraft is a fish!

Unallocated Space has its very own Minecraft server.

It runs the latest build of Minecraft


  • Internet Address: minecraft.unallocatedspace.org

Welcome to the Unallocated Space Minecraft Wiki!

We are running a Feed the Beast Minecraft server using the Direwolf20 1.5.2 Mod set. You can get the client from "http://www.feed-the-beast.com/"

We are running a "Community Server" with the ideas of the UAS. Build Learn Teach. We encurage people to work together to and have a good time.

If you have a question or a request please contact the mailing list with it and we will try and get with you as soon as we can.

08:34, 23 August 2013 (PDT)