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The loft is the "chill out" area for members only.

It consists of a multimedia platform designed to enhance your pleasure through hundreds of movies and TV Shows.

The mythbuntu box sits on HDMI 1 on the Panasonic 42" Plasma TV on the loft.

Once in there please refer to this mythbuntu guide for navigation. (Provided by : )


The real FAQ answer is at

If you have any comments or suggestions - please talk about them on the discussion page before editing this page.

Keyboard commands

The file keys.txt in your documentation directory (typically /usr/share/doc/mythtv/ or /usr/local/share/doc/mythtv/) describes what the various keyboard commands are. If you have loaded mythweb, you may change the default keys to your liking.


Keys Action
Arrow keys used to move the highlight point around
ALT-F4 exit out of the application
Space/Enter take action on the item under the highlight point

Watching a recording only

Keys Action
Space/Enter set a bookmark at that point. Next time you start the recording, you will automatically jump forward to this point and clear the bookmark.
X queues the current recording for transcoding
O brings up menu to allow toggling settings such as Commercial Auto-Skip, Auto-Expire, etc.
E or M enters/exits edit mode.
In edit mode
Left/Right move forward and backward
Up/Down alter the amount of time you jump forward and backward. Increments are: nearest cutpoint, nearest video keyframe, 1 frame, 0.5 seconds, 1 second, 20 seconds, 1 minute, 5 minutes, and 10 minutes.
Page Up/Page Down move forward and backward to the nearest cut point
< or > move forward or backward by 10 times the normal jump amount
Space/Enter allows you to set or delete a cut point
Z loads the commercial skip list (if one exists) into the cutlist
C or Q clear all cut points in the cutlist

Playback Recording Zoom Mode

Keys Action
Left Move video to Left
Right Move video to Right
Up Move video Up
Down Move video Down
Page Up Zoom In
Page Down Zoom Out
Space/Enter Exit Zoom mode leaving picture at current size and position
ESC Exit Zoom mode and return to original size

More information

You can control just about any program with your remote control from MythTV by using Lirc. With this you can bind any key or combination of keyboard keys to an remotecontrol button. - Lirc