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== Barricade RV-10 (2) ==
== Barricade RV-10 (2) ==
*+ 9v mod

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The NERF Jolt EX-1
The NERF Nite Finder EX-3

This page contains a list of the official NERF guns the space has, as well as random bits of information about their modification.

Typical NERF gun modifications include removing air flow restrictors and adding or replacing springs to increase power.

Jolt EX-1 (3)

  • +Removed Air Restrictors.
  • -New Spring Assembly for more power.

Longshot (1)

Maverick (2)

Nite Finder EX-3 (1)

  • +Removed Air Restrictors
  • -New Spring Assembly for more power.

Barrel Break IX-2 (1)

Barricade RV-10 (2)

  • + 9v mod