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Chaos VPN

We are now networked to the CCC Hamburg'sChaosVPN.

We are available at the IP range of Our DNS server is which is authoritative for the 'uas.hack' zone as well as our reverse DNS zones.

Services on Chaos

  • Minecraft - minecraft.uas.hack
  • Malware Repository - ftp.uas.hack


  • Are we secure?
    • 'Secure' is a relative term that people of all skill levels are going to argue. In short, treat the Chaos Network like you would browse the internet, and probably with a bit more scrutiny. "Thar be DRAGONS!" is quite the statement as to how to treat the network. As always, before browsing, make sure to have the latest operating system, browser, application, and plugin updates. We have an inbound stateful firewall that protects against indiscriminate inbound connections. We do, however, leave ICMPv4 and ICMPv6 open. So you are likely to get ping scanned for host availability and whatever else. If you are not comfortable with that, please configure ICMP blocking on your PC's firewall.