Cleaning Day Checklist

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  1. Tables Moved Outside
  2. Chairs Moved Outside
  3. Main floor Swept
  4. Bathrooms swept
  5. Toilets cleaned
  6. Sinks wiped out
  7. Mirrors wiped down
  8. Main Floor Mopped
  9. Bathroom Mopped
  10. Soap Dispensers Refilled
  11. Tables Wiped Down
  12. Work Bench Tidied Up
  13. Loose Cables Put Away
  14. Fridge Emptied Of old food And wiped Down
  15. Electronics Bench tidied
  16. Whiteboard cleaned
  17. Lounge tables cleaned off
  18. Loft Carpet Vacuumed
  19. Tables and Chairs moved back inside
  20. Pizza fed to helpers