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This is a page dedicated to information on the next generation Internet technology, IPv6.

Eventually I'll fill this page with links, slides, and information to getting your networks ready.

IPv6 at the space

IPv6 is now live at the space! We have a /48 routed down to our edge firewall/gateway, a Juniper SSG5. From there, we route many /56 subnets down to our Vyatta core inter-vlan router. From there, we slice out /64 subnets to our various network segments. So far, right now, we have allocated the 0000::/64 subnet from the 0000::/56 block for our server network, 1000::/56 has 1000::/64 allocated for wired, and 2000::/56 has 2000::/64 allocated for our wireless. F000::/64 and F0001::/64 are allocated for equipment and router networking.

Unallocated Space 5GHz N1 and Unallocated Space 2.4GHz N1 wireless networks and all user accessable switchports on our wired network have *full* IPv6 connectivity.

As of yet, however, we are only handing out DNS servers on IPv4, so IPv6 only connections are not yet possible. stay tuned.

World IPv6 Launch Day

World IPv6 Launch Day is June 6th, 2012. Many router vendors, service providers, and websites will be permanently switching on IPv6 capabilities. We are fully committed to providing IPv6 capability at the space to join in on this event.

See more info at: World IPv6 Launch

IPv6 News

Comcast IPv6 nationwide deployment scheduled for 2012

IPv6 Crash Course Presentation

Unallocated IPv6 Projects

IPv6 Transition

IPv6 RFC List

IPv6 Tunnel Service Providers

Hurricane Electric Tunnel Broker Service (Preferred Provider)

SixXS Tunnel Broker (Alternative because Cogent is fail)

External Links

Microsoft's Technet IPv6 Information

World IPv6 Day

Comcast's IPv6 Deployment Information Page

Cisco IPv6 Transition page

IPv6-enabled Services

  • Xbox.com's main homepage
  • Facebook's site, www.v6.facebook.com
  • Google, ipv6.google.com (All Google Services are v6 enabled by default if you use approved DNS servers)
  • Efnet IRC Servers
  • Freenode IRC Servers
  • Linode's VPS Solutions are native IPv6-capable in select datacenters