IPv6 Transition

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Unallocated IPv6 Transition

The greatest thing about hackerspaces is the ability to change them and form them in ways that you simply can't do in a larger, more permanent environment. This allows a great test bed for transitions such as IPv6.

I've broken down the transition into a number of steps which also happen to coincide with other changes going on at the space as part of each migration. IPv6 will be included as part of the plan from here on out.

Currently Assigned HE Tunnel Prefix: 2001:470:e186::/48

Transition Timeline

    1. Migrate the Network Infrastructure to dual stack (Mid-March)
      1. Remove PFSense from the mix
      2. Migrate to Juniper SSG5 Firewall/Router for edge services
      3. Upgrade core network to include multiple subnets (Core, DMZ, LAN, Wireless)
        • Assign IPv4 and IPv6 network prefixes to each network
          IPv4 -
          IPv6 - 2001:470:e186:10::/64
          IPv4 -
          IPv6 - 2001:470:e186:20::/64
          IPv6 - 2001:470:e186:30::/64
          IPv4 -
          IPv6 - 2001:470:e186:40::/64
    2. Add internal BIND daemon with A/AAAA, Dynamic Updates, and DNSSEC
    3. Add additional services (OpenVPN which provides IPv4 and v6 over tunnel)
    4. Update current space python scripts (Unallobot, occupancy scripts) to work over IPv6 and IPv4 with a preference to v6
    5. Determine feasibility of updating external website to IPv6.