LED Plasma Wall

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Welcome to the LED Plasma Wall project!

This is UAS' attempt at building an LED Plasma wall based on the project here:

RGB LED Matrix


The plan to start out with is to start out small to learn how the hardware and software will work. On this end, I'll plan on doing a smaller version 4x4 RGB LEDs (total of 16 LEDs) for cost.

I will not be using the code from the project page as part of the fun is coming up with your own way of doing things.

Parts List

  • 16x RGB Common Cathode RGB LEDs from Sparkfun
  • 2x 74HC595 ICs
  • Breadboard(s)
  • 4x BD139 Transistors
  • Wiring
  • Arduino Uno
  • Resistors

Going to start out with going small and going from there.

Future Plans

  • PWM for up to 256 colors! (Instead of 8)
  • Modular and Expandable (cost limitation only!)


See A-KO if you wish to get involved.