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Welcome to the Unallocated Space Public Wiki!

Things to know

Active Classes

Active Projects

Name Owner Status Last Updated
Core Services Replacement Hunterkll In Progress 10/03/2013
VM Lab Flay Working / In Progress 6/20/2016
UASDrupal Website Project anyone Active 03/23/2014
Git On-Going
Library Calc Active
VMLabs System Hunterkll Active 8/5/2013
IPv6 Hunterkll Active 8/17/2013
Gray Cat Frank Active 1/18/2014
Traffic Light Pyr0mann Active 6/18/2016
3D Printing N/A Active
ChaosVPN Hunterkll Active 1/13/2014
Ham Radio Equipment surefire Active
CTF Wiki Forgotten Active
Minecraft CompMage Active
Network Hunterkll Active 1/16/2014
Occupancy Sensor Hunterkll On-Going 8/18/2013
IRC Bot Hunterkll On-Going 8/18/2013
SMS and Email Responder Hunterkll On-Going
Asterisk Hunterkll On-Going 8/5/2013
Member Check-In System Hunterkll On-Going
The Wall Hunterkll On-Going
Hardware Hacking proto18 On-Going
LED Sign Hunterkll On-Going
Fire Tornado Rig N/A On-Going
LAN Party CompMage On-Going
Twitter Monitor Forgotten On-Going 01/22/2014
EMail Lab AJ Revising for Presentation 01/18/2014

Past Projects

Name Owner Status
Silent Switch Textile Completed
36C N/A Inactive
M.A.M.E. Cabinet Crypt0s Inactive
UnalloApp - Android App Crypt0s Inactive
Ms. Pac-Man Restoration N/A Deprecated
Woodworking Projects N/A Inactive
Gaming Computer N/A Deprecated
Electronics Workbench N/A Deprecated
NERF N/A Deprecated
LED Plasma Wall A-KO Inactive
Rubens Tube N/A Deprecated
Magnetic Field Viewer N/A Deprecated
Robots AJ Reference
Factory Rover AJ on Hold 02/17/2014 - Set Status to Hold
BYOD AJ Reference
Document Management AJ Reference