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Welcome to the Unallocated Space Wiki!

About UAS

Active Projects

Name Owner Status Last Updated
Core Services (Board) Active
Project Backlog Flay / Everyone Active 3/4/2017
VMLab Needs Owner Inactive 1/2/2023
Rancher / Docker Usako / Jelly Inactive 1/2/2023
Gaming Computer Needs Owner Inactive 1/2/2023
HTC Vive Needs Owner Inactive 1/2/2023
Steam Cache Needs Owner Inactive 1/2/2023
Git Flay / Usako Active
Library anyone Ongoing
Traffic Light Flay Inactive
3D Printing Bowie / Phr0ze Active
Ham Radio Equipment Corey / Usako Active
CTF Wiki Forgotten Active
Minecraft Adam Active
Occupancy (New) Usako Active
Network Corey Ongoing (Needs Updating)
The Wall anyone Active
Fire Tornado Rig (Keyholders) On-Going
Plex Corey / Understudy Active
Laser Cutter James / Corey Active
Printer anyone Active

See the Past Projects page

Stations (Resources) Available

Name PoC(s) Description / Link
3D Printing Station Bowie / Max / Phr0ze 3D Printing (Needs Update)
Electronics Bench Bowie / Corey Electronics Workbench (Page Needed)
Amateur Radio Station Corey / Usako Ham Shack (Needs Update)
Laser Cutting Station James / Corey Laser Cutter
Library Any Keyholder Library
Media Center / Lounge Any Keyholder Plex
VR/Gaming Station Geez HTC Vive
Workshop / Toolbench Bowie / Max Workshop (Page Needed)
Instructor Workstation Board Instructor Workstation

Recurring Events

Name Owner Status
Project Night Bowie Active
Open House Night Whitney Active
MACRO Jasen/Ty/Jeff Active
TOOOL / Lockpicking MacGnG Active
HackTheBox Group S00ner Active
DC443 Hacker Hangout Digital Tinker Active
LAN Party Usako / Nonie / Wrecker Active
Analog Gaming Nonie Active
Crafternoon Whitney Active
Ham Radio Night Corey / Usako Inactive
3D Printing Night phr0ze Inactive
Classic Video Game Day Bowie/James Inactive
Microcontroller Night Needs Instructor Under Construction

Events List

Classes and Workshops

Name Owner Status
Intro to Electronics Corey Active
DIY Lightsaber Bowie Not active
Beginner's Soldering Corey Not active
Network 101 Bootcamp Not active
Linux 101 Not active

Classes and Workshop list

Outside Events

List of events attended by members outside of Unallocated Space: Category:Outside_Events